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GY series


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The GY series workbenches are designed to handle heavier loads with the help of six hydraulic cylinders. These workbenches have a hydraulic lifting deviation of no more than 2%, ensuring stable lifting. They also come with workbench fixing and clamping devices, making it easy to load plates and cut efficiently on the front workbench. This guarantees cutting precision and loading accuracy. QH.SPAC's intelligent cutting system includes a fast intelligent perforation mode and a fast intelligent knife collection mode, along with a customizable process database, making it easier to use. The hydraulic system used in GY series workbenches is globally renowned. The distance between the upper and lower worktables can reach 120mm and can vary between individual worktables. All worktables can be exchanged to the back end, making machine tool maintenance simpler.

  • Hollow / semi hollow structure machine tool
  • QH. SPAC intelligent cutting system
  • 360 ° free rotation cutting structure
  • Maximum cutting angle:±45°
  • Maximum linkage speed:200m/min
  • Maximum power:40000W

GY series

Laser metal cutters are highly advanced machines that are utilized in various industries for precision cutting of metals. These cutters use a high-intensity laser beam to cut through different metals with incredible precision and efficiency.

Here are some potential advantages of using a laser metal cutter:

  1. Precision: One of the most significant advantages of using a laser metal cutter is its high level of precision. These cutters can achieve very high levels of precision, allowing for intricate designs and shapes to be cut with accuracy and consistency. The laser beam is highly focused, which means that it can produce very fine cuts with minimal material waste.
  2. Efficiency: Laser cutting is a fast and efficient process, reducing production time and increasing output. This is because laser cutters can cut through metal quickly and accurately, resulting in faster production times. Additionally, laser cutting is a non-contact process, meaning that there is no mechanical stress on the metal. This can result in a higher-quality cut and reduced material distortion.
  3. Versatility: Laser cutters can be used on a variety of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. This makes them an incredibly versatile tool that can be used in many different industries. Additionally, laser cutters can be used to cut through a range of thicknesses, from thin sheets to thicker metals.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: While the initial investment in a laser cutter may be higher than other cutting methods, the long-term cost savings can be significant due to reduced maintenance and material waste. Laser cutters require minimal maintenance as they have few moving parts and do not require sharpening. Additionally, laser cutting produces minimal waste, reducing material costs.
  5. Cleanliness: Laser cutting produces minimal debris and dust, resulting in a cleaner work environment. This is because the laser beam vaporizes the metal, creating a clean cut with minimal waste. This can be particularly beneficial in industries where cleanliness is critical, such as the aerospace and medical industries.

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