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AeeFar Airtronics Tech creates microfluidic sensing devices that use lasers to drill very small holes for fluid separation. Our systems offer precise dimensions and high-quality holes. We use laser equipment, Flat Bed Cutting, and Multi-Axis systems to fabricate parts with high accuracy. Our laser welding and cutting technology ensures clean surfaces without material residue, meeting the industry's high-quality requirements.


Successful laser solutions

AeeFar Airtronics Tech's fiber lasers make it easy for device manufacturers to uniquely identify stainless steel surgical instruments and composite-polymer catheters. This process is efficient, and it doesn't require adhesives and primers. By using AeeFar Airtronics Tech Fiber Lasers, polymer bonds produced through laser welding show consistent tensile strength. The light sources and laser systems provided by AeeFar Airtronics Tech are adaptable across many product lines and processes. They can even meet cost constraints while ensuring diversity in manufacturing for medical device industries.

Laser Welding Medical Devices

Medical device components intended for hermetic or structural welds may be suitable for laser welding technologies depending on their size and material thickness. Laser welding technology enables high-temperature sterilization without leaving porous, post-processed surfaces behind. Laser systems are a valuable asset in welding all types of metals used in medical device production as they allow spot welds, seam welds, and hermetic seals to be completed quickly and seamlessly, even in challenging areas.

Laser Marking Medical Devices

It's important to be precise when identifying and marking medical devices. As implants and surgical instruments get smaller and more efficient, laser marking systems have been shown to meet high quality standards and government guidelines for product traceability.

Laser Cutting Medical Devices

Precision laser cutting has become a popular method in medical device production, especially for applications involving thin wall metal tube cutting and other processes that require high-quality edges, precise dimensions, and mass production. Laser cutting systems are an ideal solution for meeting the specialized manufacturing requirements of this industry.


Laser machines with fiber lasers that are cost-effective can provide precise cutting for temperature-sensitive materials like insulin pens, which is ideal for creating detailed devices.


Our laser machines are well-suited for manufacturing a wide range of medical devices that are based on tubular blanks. These include stents, hypotubes, and even complex shapes like TAVR valve scaffolds.


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Laser Welding Applications include: heart pacemakers, implantable devices, hermetic sealing, spot welding, titanium welding, endoscopic instruments, bellows, diaphragms, medical tube welding, batteries, nitinol welding, hypo tubes, surgical devices, dental tools.

Laser Marking / Engraving Applications include: bone screws, pacemakers, implantable devices, medical tools and instruments, surgical devices, surgical blades, guide wires, marker bands, single use items, endoscopic instruments, dental tools, bar codes, 2D Data matrix codes, permanent marking.

Laser Cutting Applications include: medical tools and instruments, medical tubing, stents, surgical blades, guide wires, hypo tubes, shavers, catheters, dental tools, endoscopic instruments, medical probes, thin-film sensors and sensor disposables. 

Laser Drilling applications include:  Microfluidic sensors, electrophoresis - patch clamps, thin-file sensors and sensor disposables.

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