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Laser Marking

What is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a process that uses laser technology to create permanent marks on an object without any physical contact. The laser generates high heat in a small area, causing the material to melt or evaporate and leaving behind long-lasting marks of any size. Laser marking is a fast and reliable way to produce high-quality marks, with excellent contrast for text, codes, or symbols.

Laser marking is the process of using a focused pulsed laser beam to mark surfaces directly. This beam interacts with the surface, resulting in changes to the material such as discoloration, structuring, engraving or removal, depending on the wavelength, pulse duration, and irradiance of the laser beam.

Laser Marking

Where is Laser Marking Used?

Laser marking is a useful method for creating ID and smart cards because it produces fraud-proof results. It is also widely used in industries such as food, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, and advertising.

Laser marking is capable of engraving most metals and marking plastics, ceramics, glass, and silicon. Certain composites, such as graphite rubber and LEDs, may also be marked in black depending on their material. Laser marking technology can even be used to inscribe precious gems like rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Advantages of laser marking

Laser marking is now an important part of manufacturing processes. It helps companies track products, reduce counterfeiting, and improve quality. With laser marking, businesses can mark products accurately and save both time and money due to its precise marking capabilities.

No consumable materials required, such as dyes, inks, or stylus tips that need to be replaced.

Operating costs are reduced and tool availability is increased.

Non-contact technique is used, with no contamination transfer between the part and the process head in either direction.

The system is highly flexible and easily programmed, with no restrictions on image types or styles.

No hardware adjustments are necessary when switching between jobs.

The benefits of laser marking give companies a clear advantage over other processes, such as etching and engraving. Laser marking is a versatile solution that can mark a variety of substrate types and provides long-lasting markings, making it an attractive choice.

  • Discover the versatility of lasers 2
  • Discover the versatility of lasers 2
  • Discover the versatility of lasers 2
  • Discover the versatility of lasers 2

Discover the versatility of lasers 2

Marking lasers are a great choice for marking electronic components with precision and reliability. They use energy input and laser properties that work well with different component materials. If the materials will be exposed to harsh conditions, it's important to make sure they are durable. AeeFar Airtronics Tech marking lasers offer flexibility with wavelengths, pulse durations, and power classes needed for laser marking of electronic components - making them a productive option for the industry.

Examples of laser marking applications

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