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Sheet metal industry has flourished rapidly in recent years and can now be found across numerous industries. Laser cutting technology has helped drive its rapid development; thus expanding to cover household appliances, instrument metal shells, road billboards, garbage cans, charging piles and car washing machines among many others.


Successful laser solutions

Fiber lasers offer a versatile operating power range and enables their beam focus and position to remain constant even as laser power changes. And spot sizes vary via optics configuration adjustments. These features make fiber lasers suitable for cutting various materials and wall thicknesses without losing focus or consistency in terms of power density - AeeFar Airtronics Tech fiber lasers are ideal solutions.

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles

Laser cutting of tubes and profiles involves both rotation and longitudinal movement of the workpiece relative to the laser cutting head, with burr-free cutting edges achieved only if the desired distance between nozzle and workpiece is maintained with high precision at every tube position. If additionally tilting axes are pivoted, the laser head enables both straight cutting and bevel cutting - which can achieve complex contours and smart plug connections between multiple workpieces made of steel, stainless steel or light nonferrous metals such as aluminum.

AeeFar Airtronics Tech offers the appropriate laser head for tube and profile laser cutting applications of all varieties, depending on contour complexity, both 2D and 2.5D cutting heads can be utilized. Highly automated laser systems benefit from using motorized focus position adjustment as well as sensor monitoring and control functions; ultimately providing desired quality and results expected by their users.

Innovative and efficient laser welding solutions

Industrial automation processes have created an increasing need for innovative and efficient laser welding solutions. Our modular welding heads and various high-precision process monitoring systems have proven themselves in various industrial sectors worldwide - whether remote laser welding in lightweight construction, component laser welding for automotive manufacturers or 3D printing for additive manufacturing. They contribute towards tight and solid weld seams while increasing quality optimization.

Advertising metal word industry

Due to poor machining accuracy and cutting surface of traditional processing equipment, the likelihood of secondary rework can be very high. High-precision laser cutting technology does not necessitate secondary rework for cutting surfaces which greatly increases work efficiency while simultaneously cutting costs associated with enterprise operations.

Shipbuilding industry

Laser cutters create marine steel plates that are excellently cut and perpendicular, with no slag, thin oxide layer, or rough surfaces. Welding can be done directly, with no need for further processing. Additionally, there is minimal thermal deformation, high curve cutting accuracy, reduced working hours, and barrier-free cutting of high strength ship plate.


Switching cabinet housing, plug-in units and electrical device housings are often made from sheet metal designs. AeeFar Airtronics Tech laser cutting machines can process these components to save customers time and costs in processing them manually - with its laser welding technology they also enable superior seam quality that barely needs any reworking at all!

Sports equipment

Fitness equipment poses unique processing challenges that traditional approaches struggle to efficiently and quickly address. Laser cutting's versatility makes it the optimal solution to meet these high demands. And tailored flexibility allows it to process different pipes and plates smoothly without needing secondary processing steps afterwards. AeeFar Airtronics Tech tube cutting machines also enable efficient mass production of fitness equipment, and laser cut technology guarantees high precision of each produced component.

Furniture making and shopfitting

It must produce weld seams quickly while still producing seams that have an aesthetic appearance for furniture makers who use sheet metal frames, such as cabinet systems or tables. Laser welding stands out in this regard by offering customers significant cost savings when compared with conventional arc processes for visible seams. Laser welding also presents manufacturers of professional kitchens an added advantage, as its tightly sealed seams help prevent subsequent germ formation. Cutting sheet metal parts, tubes and profiles precisely opens up creative freedom for furniture manufacturers. AeeFar Airtronics Tech laser tube cutting machines enable customers to craft precise miter cuts for high-quality, efficient designs. When applied to shopfitting projects, they allow the individual parts or series production with flexibility and allow projects to realize individually efficiently.


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Customer Benefit

With laser technology, customers will benefit much:
1. Fast cutting speed improves production efficiency and shortens production cycle greatly;
2. Narrow cuts, good cutting quality and good material adaptability improve the quality of products;
3. High automation and easy operation reduce the labor intensity;
4. No pollution in processing, won’t cause harm to human body;
5. Without tool wear, the operating and material costs are reduced;
6. High reliability and strong stability can meet the demand of mass industrial production.

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