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Laser Welding

What is Laser Welding

Laser welding (LBW) is a process that uses a laser to melt the surface of workpieces and join them together with another piece made from similar material. This technique is commonly used for metals or thermoplastics. There are different types of lasers, such as solid state or gas lasers, that can be applied in current laser welding applications.

Lasers have a high power density that enables them to melt workpiece materials with pinpoint accuracy. By directing a powerful laser beam at a workpiece, molecules near the surface receive enough energy to become excited, giving them fluid-like properties. When excited molecules of the same material meet and transition down excitation states simultaneously, solid structures reform, creating molecular bonds on a molecular level.

Laser Welding

Where is Laser Welding Used?

Laser welding is utilized in a wide range of industries, such as automotive, medical, jewelry, and manufacturing. Within the automotive industry, laser welding is applied to connect various parts, such as roof, door, or filter assemblies. In the medical industry, laser welding is used to assemble small medical items. Laser welding is also commonly used in the jewelry industry to join metals on a smaller scale. Moreover, laser welding is frequently used in high volume manufacturing in the medical and automotive industries.

Advantages of laser welding

High speed laser welding can offer several benefits including:

High part yields at low operating costs, resulting in the lowest cost-per-part

High-precision accuracy for joining even small parts

Low heat input for minimal distortion

Non-contact welding, which means there is no degradation in welding quality

No current passes through the part

Ability to weld dissimilar metals (e.g. Cu to Al)

Minimal maintenance needed, which leads to high tool availability

Easy automation for high-productivity, high-yield manufacturing

  • Discover the versatility of lasers 3
  • Discover the versatility of lasers 3
  • Discover the versatility of lasers 3

Discover the versatility of lasers 3

Laser welding is a highly versatile method of welding that is widely used in modern manufacturing. It is particularly well-suited to industries that produce a variety of products, thanks to its ability to work with a wide range of joint geometries. In addition to its versatility, laser welding is also known for being faster, more energy-efficient, and more accurate than other welding methods. Modern welding machines can even operate automatically, making them an essential part of modern production processes.

Examples of laser welding applications

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