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Company Introduction

AeeFar Airtronics Tech is the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in china.

With its in-depth understanding of manufacturing industry trends, AeeFar Airtronics Tech continually expands products and solutions while exploring how automation, informatization, intelligence and manufacturing industries intersect. We offer laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking systems, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines and various supporting devices. There is also special laser processing equipment, plasma cutting equipment, overall production line and smart factory schemes, which apply for numerous industries worldwide.

AeeFar Airtronics Tech plans to become a world-class leader within five years with its core competence in technologies, that deliver high performance laser systems to various application markets. Company products will focus on ultra short pulse laser technology, UV laser technology and fibre laser technology. And we will primarily serve IC, semiconductor, display industrials and solar cell energy industries in U.S., Europe, Japan and Korea... Our products will be exported all over the world.

AeeFar Airtronics Tech will strive for efficiency with effective management and sufficient individual freedom, by working hard to build key competencies across various technology domains and conducting market-relevant R&D activities. AeeFar will make good returns for investors by providing quality products and excellent services, while offering advanced career opportunities for its staff members.

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