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Lasers have become an indispensable tool in manufacturing today, especially as additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0 enable engineers to design more intricate features that require tight tolerances. Laser machining enables fine features which would otherwise be hard or impossible to make using traditional equipment - as its cuts leave no burrs or heat effects to surrounding materials, eliminating some secondary finishing steps altogether.


Successful laser solutions

Engineers in the manufacturing industry frequently develop solutions utilizing high-power lasers. These efficient, precise, and eco-friendly tools offer engineers reliable alternatives to other technologies used for manufacturing processes - they are commonly used for laser marking, cleaning, texturing, welding and cutting operations on fast production lines.

Laser Cutting Applications

Heavy industries typically produce huge production rates. Most components made are constructed out of steel, aluminum, brass and other alloys; high-powered laser cutting makes steel cutting extremely efficient; it can handle intricate designs without material waste.

Laser Welding Applications

Laser welding technology is fast becoming the preferred process in ship, car and aircraft manufacturing. Fiber lasers offer greater material compatibility, higher weld quality and greater opportunities for automation; plus it takes far fewer hours to master than its traditional equivalent and provides more safety benefits.

Laser Cleaning Applications

Laser cleaning is an efficient solution for anything from large turbines to ship hull rust removal. Producing less toxic debris, laser cleaning has wide ranging applications across industries.


Multiple applications for laser cleaning can be found on shipyards.
A lot of surface cleaning applications need to be considered:
1.Spot repair or spot preparation
2.Weld or glue preparation
3.Removal of light rust on uncoated areas
4.Non Desructive Testing (NDT)


Laser cleaning has long been employed within the railway industry to decoat old train carriages. Old train carriages should be repainted periodically and many older carriages use lead paint or Cr6 components containing lead that should be handled carefully; laser cleaning offers an efficient solution by eliminating toxic dust and fume with its reliable vacuum system.


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Shipbuilding industry: sheet welding, surface preparation and paint removal.
Railway industry: carriage welding, locomotive engine manufacturing (complete integrated systems), railway line welding, railway track cleaning from greasy fallen leaves deposits.
Yellow goods industry: crane boom welding, cladding of earth mover devices after wear and tear.
Power generation industry: cladding and repair of turbine blades and journal shafts.
Oil and gas industry: pipeline welding, pipeline inspection, remote dismantling, oil well drilling (transmission through kilometers of optical cable to heat hard rock types to improve drilling productivity)
Construction industry: concrete removal (scalping), concrete drilling, steel beam welding.
Super structure manufacturing: complete laser welded bridges. 

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