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AeeFar Airtronics Tech equips market disruptors to shape the future, through groundbreaking technologies from materials to systems. Our innovations have an impactful presence across a variety of applications including industry, communication, electronic and instrumentation. As your technology partner and solution specialist, we aim to increase economic efficiency and quality within each application for more eco-friendly processes.


Since AeeFar Airtronics Tech was established, our goal has been to make laser users' work simpler, faster and more profitable. To achieve this goal, we have set new standards in technology, consulting and service, with a strong focus on satisfying our customers' needs.

For example:

1)Share experience of completed applications across all stages of collaboration;

2)Communicate openly for maximum transparency;

3)Keep you updated about project progress at all times;

4)Always available to answer questions or address concerns raised.


Our main goal is to provide a "home" for laser users. Here, you will have access to opportunities, technology, guidance, and answers to your daily needs, making your work simpler, faster, and more profitable. As we strive to set new standards, our support will keep you successful now and in the future.

When talking about laser processing applications, you will often come across laser processing terms such as power, speed, frequency, wavelength, pulse width, air assist, and focus length. But what do these parameters exactly mean, and how can we identify the necessary parameters for each material? Our global application engineers have extensive experience in handling AeeFar Airtronics Tech laser machines. They provide services like feasibility analyses (application tests) of customer materials and support sales teams during demonstrations.

Our laser machines are known for their rugged designs and extended service lives, which make our customers feel at ease. AeeFar Airtronics Tech's laser machines meet these high standards, as we cooperate with qualified suppliers and use their creative production technologies, strict production standards and comprehensive quality tests that each machine must successfully pass before delivered to its owner. All production is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

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