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The laser technology used in the aerospace industry is growing steadily because of the need to improve fuel efficiency. Lasers are essential for welding high-strength steel components and brazing large sheet metal pieces. They are also used to cut fiber-reinforced polymers for weight reduction and weld high-strength steel alloys. Manufacturers of aircraft turbines extensively use laser technology in their production processes. Laser drilling, cutting, cladding, or additive manufacturing is used for blades and vanes in the engines. Laser applications for aerospace production and maintenance meet strict quality requirements for components such as turbine, compressor, and blisk blades. Additionally, paint stripping is another laser application in aerospace production and maintenance.


Successful laser solutions

Aviation and aerospace customers have the potential to save more than 90% on costs by using laser metal deposition (LMD) to repair blisks (blade integrated disks) or compressor/turbine blades, rather than purchasing new replacement components. LMD can precisely restore damaged components without having to replace them with new parts. This process is ideal for geometric adjustments, repairs, or manufacturing other high-quality components, such as housings. Additionally, our lasers can be used for cutting, welding, marking, drilling, and structural processing of surfaces in aviation/aerospace applications, resulting in considerable cost savings compared to buying new replacement components.

Aerospace laser welding

Light alloys, specifically titanium and aluminum alloys, are crucial structural materials in the aerospace and aviation industries that require precise welding technology. AeeFar Airtronics Tech laser has created welding equipment - such as high-power laser welding machines and laser arc hybrid welding machines - by studying material characteristics. These machines are widely used for the production of aerospace structural parts and engine parts. They can even perform repair welding on components that are never removed from the ground, such as strongbacks on launch pads.

In the aerospace industry, laser cleaning is a precise and delicate process that must be done with care to avoid damaging the industry's delicate substrates. Our laser cleaning solutions are perfect for removing coatings, cleaning tools and molds, and preparing surfaces for bonding. Unlike abrasive methods, chemical stripping, or plastic media blasting, which have been known to damage aircraft, our laser cleaning solutions are safe and effective. Whether you choose to use our handheld part cleaning method or our automatic option, you can expect similar results in both cases.

Aerospace laser cutting

Laser cutting is a necessary process for every part of an aeroengine, from the inlet to the tail nozzle. The machine from AeeFar Airtronics Tech has been incredibly helpful in solving various processing issues for aeroengine manufacturers. These issues include cutting difficult machining materials for aeroengines, efficiently machining group holes of large, thin-walled parts with thin walls, precisely cutting blade holes for parts, and performing special surface part machining.


Aerospace Applications: End effectors parts / Wing fasteners parts / Tooling parts / Fixture parts

Materials: Stainless steel / Titanium / Hastelloy / Inconel / Tantalum / Nitinol / Nickel alloys / Aluminum

The best way to cut these materials is by using laser cutting. This method reduces waste and downtime, and also speeds up the process of making parts, even if changes need to be made.


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