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HI series


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The HI series products incorporate several patented technologies, including hollow/semi-hollow structure machine tools, boneless workbench structures, timesharing/zoning/segmented dust extraction structures, and cutting head double cooling structure technology. These technological advancements have greatly improved the efficiency and reliability of thick plate cutting. The new generation qh.spac intelligent cutting system features flexible operation, more perfect and intelligent functions, improved leapfrog speed and efficiency, and fast intelligent perforation and knife receiving modes. Additionally, it is configured with expert process databases that are better suited for user use. To further facilitate user experience, convenient industrial intelligent interfaces, such as intelligent remote cloud interfaces and transportation diagnosis modes, have been included.

  • Hollow / semi hollow structure machine too
  • QH. Spac intelligent cutting system
  • Q-x series ultra-high power intelligent cutting head
  • Maximum machining length:12000mm
  • Maximum linkage speed:200m/min
  • Power Range:12000W-40000W

HI series
Laser cutting provides several benefits, such as precise cuts, no contamination of materials, fast cutting speeds, limitless 2D design capabilities, and compatibility with various industries and materials.

High Precision
Laser cutting technology utilizes narrow energy beams and precise material and/or optics movement to achieve extremely high-quality cuts. This allows for intricate designs to be cut at high feed rates, even on delicate materials such as paper.

No Material Contamination
The conventional method of processing materials using a rotary cutter requires the use of coolant to prevent contamination of the cut parts. Without coolant application, coolants may contaminate the cut parts, and they will need to be de-greased after processing. Grinding processes also require coolant or lubricant application due to the ablation of grinding wheels that leave carbide granules, which could pose risks in certain products. Similarly, water cutting may leave garnet residues. However, laser cutting only uses energy and gases without the risk of material contamination in the resulting products.

High Speed
Laser cutting stands alone as one of the fastest production methods available today, cutting steel sheets at 40 mm thickness using a 12kW oxygen-assisted laser at speeds that are 10x faster than bandsawing and 50-100 times quicker than wire cutting.

Unlimited 2D Complexity
Laser cutting is able to achieve precise detail by controlling the movement of the G-code and using a small energy hot spot. Even features that are not firmly attached to the main body can be cut without force, as the material properties determine this rather than the capabilities of the process.

Variety of Materials
Laser cutting is a highly versatile technology that can efficiently cut a wide range of materials, such as acrylic, other polymers, stainless steel, mild steel, titanium, hastelloy, and tungsten. As technology advances, this versatility continues to increase. For example, dual frequency lasers can now cut carbon fiber reinforced composites by using one frequency for the fibers and another frequency for the bonding agents.

Variety of Applications and Industries
Laser cutting is widely used in various manufacturing industries because of its versatility, high processing speeds, and precision. Sheet materials are essential components in production for most industries. The applications of laser cutting in these industries include airframes, ships, medical implants, electronics prototyping, and mass production.
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