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Nanosecond Laser

Coral-A series


3D printing

Ink removal

Laser marking

Radar detection

Micropore processing

Medical apparatus and instruments

Medium and low power nanosecond air-cooled laser all-in-one

Coral UV employs advanced resonator design and laser control technology to achieve excellent beam quality and narrow laser pulse width at high power operation. Special intracavity thermal compensation technology as well as harmonic conversion technologies provide efficient frequency doubling conversion solutions.

Adopt an integrated machine design scheme, featuring compact volume. Wavelength 355nm; Air and water cooling options can be chosen; advanced manufacturing technology ensures long-term stable operation within the cavity; LDs can be replaced on-site.

Integrated design, compact structure
Unified size throughout the series
Advanced manufacturing processes do not guarantee long-term stable operation of intracavity devices
Field optimized power

Coral-A series
Nanosecond lasers, also known as nanolasers, are a commonly used type of q-switched pulsed laser. Q-switching involves using a high-speed shutter that is installed into an optical cavity to temporarily increase losses until the gain materials reach their metastable levels and become fully saturated. The shutter is then opened all at once, causing all of the light output to occur simultaneously. Most laser gain materials deplete within nanoseconds (10-9s), resulting in laser pulse generation. Solid-state (DPSS), flashlamp, fiber, and microchip lasers can all be configured to produce nanosecond pulse width lasers using q-switching. Nanosecond lasers offer a wide range of gain materials and technologies, which results in nanosecond lasers with wavelength ranges that span from the ultraviolet to the infrared regions, pulse energies between nJ to J, repetition rates from Hz to MHz, high peak powers, and short pulse widths. These characteristics make nanosecond lasers ideal for various applications, including LIBS, laser designation, and marking.

Examples of laser applications

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