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Picosecond Integrated Laser

Amber NX Series

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Picosecond Integrated Laser Machine

The Amber NX series lasers boast an all-in-one design, which is both compact and efficient. Additionally, they come equipped with an upgraded control system that operates more smoothly and features multiple control functions. These lasers utilize a picosecond fiber seed source and free space solid state amplifier, which combine to produce high power picosecond laser output. Compared to traditional solid-state picosecond lasers, fiber seed sources offer more stable performance and flexible output parameters. Meanwhile, solid state amplifiers ensure peak power laser output.

The Amber Whole Series Laser Width (<15ps; with part of models' width <8ps); M^2<1.3, and Roundness > 90% are critical parameters that ensure the high-quality output of Amber series lasers, meeting strict material processing quality standards. These parameters have been fully applied in various applications such as LED wafer cutting, ceramic cutting, solar energy battery sheet cutting, and glass chamfering.

Amber NX Series

A picosecond laser is a laser that emits laser pulses lasting one picosecond (10-12 seconds). These short pulses of light allow for high precision with minimal heat-affected zone, which makes this type of laser well-suited for material processing, medical treatments, and scientific research.

Picosecond lasers are one of the most versatile categories of pulsed lasers available today. They can be generated through various means, including q-switching, gain switching, and mode locking. This flexibility makes them an extremely adaptable class of pulsed lasers, with wavelength ranges spanning from the ultraviolet to the infrared region.

Lasers provide pulse energies ranging from nanojoules (nJ) to millijoules (mJ), with pulse repetition rates that can range from Hz to MHz. Their high peak power and short pulse width (also known as pulse duration) make them ideal for a range of applications such as material processing and micromachining—for instance, texturing, trimming, and drilling.

Examples of laser applications

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