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Pulse Width adjustable Laser

APL Series

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Pulse Width adjustable Laser

The APL series pulse width adjustable lasers use an electrically modulated fiber seed source and a hybrid amplifier to produce high-power infrared laser output. Green light output is achieved through a frequency-doubling conversion module. The seed laser energy is preamplified by a high-gain fiber amplifier before passing through a solid-state amplifier to achieve single pulse energy output at a frequency of 200kHz. The infrared output exceeds 50W, while the green output exceeds 30W, with adjustable pulse width between 200ns-200ps and M^2<1.3 beam quality at a frequency of 200kHz. The powerful control system enables long-term stable operation of the laser with multiple control functions available, ensuring M^2<1.3 beam quality for long-term stable operation.

APL Series

To produce a high-power infrared laser output, you can use an electrically-modulated fiber seed source coupled with a fiber solid-state hybrid amplifier. You can also generate green light output using a frequency-doubling conversion module.

First, amplify the seed laser using a high-gain fiber amplifier and then pass it through a solid-state amplifier to achieve high single-pulse energy output. Additionally, a reliable control system enables stable long-term operation and includes multiple control functions.

Main parameters:
1. Power: infrared> 50W@200KHz , Green Light> 30W@200KHz
2. Pulse width: 2ns-8ns adjustable

3. Beam quality: M2<1.3

Examples of laser applications

  • pc1
  • pc2
  • pc3
  • pc4
  • pc5
  • pc6
  • pc7
  • pc8

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