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Portable Integrated Laser Marker

UV laser

Daily necessities
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Our UV laser marking machine utilizes a high-quality, imported ultraviolet laser generator. The system features an ultra-small 355nm UV light focusing spot, which allows for hyperfine marking with an accuracy of up to 0.2mm. The minimal heat generated by this machine results in non-deformable materials that remain unaffected by thermal radiation, making it an ideal choice for materials sensitive to heat.

Small laser spot and narrow pulse duration
There is no residue, no carbonization, no deformation under the marking process
Low maintenance and economical
Small size, light weight, no need big working space

UV laser
As science and technology continue to advance, laser marking equipment is becoming more common, not just in industrial settings but also among individuals. As a result, there's a growing demand for smaller, more manageable machines that can be used in various processing locations.

Portable laser marking machines are essential for today's mobile workforce, especially those who work independently outside of an office environment. These machines are convenient, user-friendly, lightweight, and easy to deploy, making them a valuable addition to any toolkit. They are particularly useful for field service professionals who frequently use mobile tools and need them for on-site work trips.

Despite their relatively small size, portable laser marking machines do not compromise on function or efficiency. Although some may assume that the lower power consumption of these machines means they will be sold at discounted rates or question their compatibility with larger machines, handheld portable laser marking machines offer numerous production advantages over larger equipment in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
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