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PML series

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The fiber galvanometer laser welding machine is a device that combines optical galvanometer scanning and pulsed laser technologies to create a galvanometer welding machine. The laser head is equipped with a built-in galvo mirror for scanning purposes, without driving the laser directly. For welding, the galvanometer laser equipment concentrates its laser on the workpiece using its high-speed scanning galvanometer and then focuses it on the welding area.
This machine uses a high-speed scanning galvanometer to position the laser spot welding process. Its speed can reach up to 7000mm/s, and welding speeds can be as fast as 60mm/s, leading to significantly higher production efficiency than ordinary laser spot welding methods. It is particularly effective for precision spot welding of small and thin-walled parts. The galvanometer and laser can be controlled directly using specialized software for laser welding applications.

  • Small focused spot diameter ensures welding with power density and processing range
  • The production efficiency is 4-10 times higher than that of the traditional laser spot welding machine
  • The water-cooling compact design is easy to be integrated to automated production line
  • The thermal deformation is extremely small and does not affect the internal electronic components or chemical composition performance of the product

PML series
Applicable Material:
The fiber galvanometer laser welding machine is a great option for welding materials such as stainless steel, gold, silver, aluminum, steel, and various alloys.

Applicable Industry:
This equipment is ideal for welding applications that require high welding process standards and convenient mobility of the light path. It's commonly used for offline/online welding in mass production companies that manufacture electronics, communications, medical machinery, watches, glasses, IT products, digital communications products, precision parts, hardware, and other items. It can weld precision parts such as microelectronic components and integrated circuit leads, as well as other products like high-power diodes, various types of batteries, mobile phone shields, metal mobile phone casings, metal capacitor casings, computer hard drives, micro motors, sensors, metal shielding nets, and shaving blades. With this equipment, you can achieve high-efficiency laser spot welding, sealing welding, and overlap welding for a variety of electronic products.
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