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Handheld Laser Cleaner

HSP series

Food processing
Precision instrument
Cultural relics restoration

Pulsed laser cleaning machines use high-frequency, high-power handheld lasers that emit pulses. The lasers have similar absorption rates for the substrate and pollutant. They create shock waves that impact objects and separate the pollutant through shock waves generated from continuous laser machines. The primary benefit of pulsed laser machines is their ability to prevent heat buildup on workpiece surfaces.

  • This cleaning method is non-contact and can clean 360°, regardless of space and location.
  • The substrate is not damaged during cleaning, making it ideal for substrates with high precision requirements, such as molds.
  • The cleaning surface is highly clean and pollution-free, and can be used directly without secondary treatment.
  • The method uses strong single pulse light energy, resulting in high cleaning efficiency.
  • The red light focusing feature is easy to operate, and the cleaning process is repeated automatically.

HSP series
Applicable Material:
  1. Removing rust from metal surfaces
  2. Removing paint and treating surfaces for stripping
  3. Cleaning surfaces from greasy dirt, stains, and grime
  4. Removing coatings and electroplating from surfaces
  5. Pretreating surfaces for welding or spraying
  6. Removing dust and adhesion from stone statues
  7. Cleaning residues from rubber molds

Applicable Industry:

  1. Clean tire and electronic molds in the mold industry.
  2. Clean parts such as top weathering coating and air conditioning filters in the automobile manufacturing industry.
  3. Remove rust from hulls, clean paint, and prepare steel plate laser in the shipbuilding industry.
  4. Remove oil stains and baking surface residues on metal baking pans, among others, in the food processing industry.
  5. Maintain weapons, clean equipment, and more in the military industry.
  6. Clean integrated circuit chips, motor cores, and more in the precision instrument industry.
  7. Remove the aging varnish layer from paintings, clean pollutants from marble sculptures and ancient buildings, and more in the cultural relics restoration industry.

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