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18 Feb, 2023, Company News

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022

Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022

The "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022 in Laser Processing Industry" ceremony was held on November 9 in Shanghai. Bellin Laser was awarded the "Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2022 in Laser Processing Industry" for its 100W picosecond IR laser (Amber NX IR-100S).

Bellin Laser remains committed to advancing the field of ultrafast lasers through continued research and development of micro and nano processing lasers. Our focus on innovation is unwavering as we strive to contribute to the industry's progress.

100W picosecond IR laser (Amber NX IR-100S)

R&D background

Nowadays, high-power picosecond infrared lasers are widely used for cutting and drilling hard, brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, and sapphire. Picosecond lasers have become increasingly popular for cutting glass of varying thicknesses, from 1mm to 10mm. Laser cutting offers an effective alternative to traditional methods for cutting thick glass (>5mm), which often suffer from low efficiency, high cost, and irregular results. However, cutting thicker glass requires higher laser parameters. In order to achieve production goals and maximize processing efficiency, lasers with higher average power and high pulse energy output are necessary.
Bellin Laser has developed a 100W picosecond IR laser that achieves a pulse energy output of 2mJ.

Product Features

Bellin Laser's 100W Picosecond IR laser utilizes a combination of fiber seed source and free space solid-state amplifier to achieve high-power picosecond laser output. The laser incorporates a high-performance fiber seed source with stable performance, flexible output parameters, and an estimated service life of more than 40,000 hours. Multistage solid-state amplifier technology was employed to achieve peak power laser output of greater than 100W. Laser pulse energy exceeded 2mJ, and output pulse width was less than 10ps, with a beam quality measured at M 21.3. Compact design schemes ensure smooth operation with multiple control functions, while an upgraded control system provides more stable operation as well as additional functions than before.

Since 2006, the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards have garnered significant attention in China for their impartial selection process and focus on honoring innovations that have made significant contributions to the industry. These awards embody an international and professional perspective on technological innovation in China, recognizing exceptional products and technologies that have advanced the field.


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