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08 Nov, 2023, Company News

Laser marking in the PCB industry application

Laser marking in the PCB industry application

Laser marking machines are favored by PCB manufacturers as a new identification technology, due to their efficiency, high speed, and clear functions, which bring great advantages to PCB manufacturers. PCB boards, also known as circuit boards, are providers of electrical connections for electronic components and are the core components of electronic devices. They are widely used in various industries such as medical equipment, industrial equipment, lighting industry, automotive core components, 3C electronics industry, and aerospace industry. Therefore, the identification process of PCB in production cannot be careless. However, laser marking machines can precisely mark QR codes, barcodes, production dates, usage information, and other content on PCBs. The 355nm cold light laser can burn traces on the surface of the PCB without contacting the product, achieving the marking effect. So what are the application advantages of laser equipment in cooperation with the PCB industry?

  1. High-precision identification technology. Traditional identification methods rely heavily on manual operation, which is prone to problems such as position deviation, font blurring, and ghosting, which greatly affect the quality and reliability of products. Laser marking equipment can engrave both small fonts and complex graphics on PCBs clearly and accurately through laser beam irradiation.
  2. Improved production efficiency. Laser marking machines can be upgraded to automated marking, enabling batch production and personalized customization according to different product requirements, allowing for quick and precise identification. This high-speed production mode helps manufacturers reduce costs and improve product competitiveness.
  3. Anti-counterfeiting applications. It is well known that counterfeit products have a significant negative impact on consumers and genuine manufacturers, not only reducing user experience but also damaging the reputation of manufacturers. The anti-counterfeiting identification of laser marking can effectively prevent such incidents from occurring.


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