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03 Nov, 2023, Company News

2023 Market Development Status of the Laser Equipment Industry

2023 Market Development Status of the Laser Equipment Industry

I. Background of the Development of the Laser Equipment Industry

Laser technology has been a popular area of scientific research since the discovery of sound and light. As laser technology continues to be promoted and applied in various industries, particularly in the medical, communication, and materials processing sectors, the demand for laser equipment has been steadily increasing, leading to industry growth.

II. Market Size of the Laser Equipment Industry

Currently, the global market size of the laser industry stands at $18 billion and is projected to reach $26.2 billion by 2030. China is a major player in the laser industry, both as a leading exporter and the largest domestic consumer of lasers. According to data released by the China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association, the market size of lasers in China has surpassed ¥16 billion.

Three, Application Areas of Laser Equipment

  1. Laser Cutting Industry

Laser cutting is a precise and efficient material processing technology, widely used in industries such as metal, non-metal, plastic, rubber, paper, and more. The global laser cutting market has grown from $23 billion in 2016 to $29 billion in 2020.

  1. Medical Industry

Laser devices are also extensively used in the medical industry, primarily for cancer treatment, skin rejuvenation, and ophthalmic surgery. Laser treatment is well-received by patients due to its non-invasive, bloodless, and painless nature. The domestic laser medical market has already reached a scale of hundreds of billions of yuan.

  1. Photovoltaic Industry

Laser devices find significant applications in the photovoltaic industry for tasks such as solar cell cutting and sputtering. With the expanding global solar energy market, the use of laser devices in the photovoltaic industry is becoming increasingly widespread.

III. Future Market Development Trends

  1. Emphasis on Manufacturing Intelligence

With the growing adoption of intelligent manufacturing technology, the usage of laser devices in the manufacturing industry will continue to rise. Intelligent manufacturing will drive the laser equipment industry towards a more intelligent and efficient direction.

  1. Rise of the Optical Communication Era

With the advent of the 5G era, optical communication, as a prominent technology in data transmission, will undergo rapid development. Laser devices, being one of the core equipment in optical communication, will experience an increasing demand.

  1. Expansion of Application Areas for New Materials

New materials play a crucial role in the future development of material science. Laser technology can significantly contribute to the research and preparation of new materials, and the laser equipment industry will expand its application areas to include new materials.

In conclusion, with the continuous growth in market demand across various sectors, the laser equipment industry will maintain a strong upward trend. The industry will evolve towards a more intelligent and efficient direction. However, it also faces challenges such as rapid technological advancements and fierce competition. To thrive, it is necessary to accelerate technological innovation, enhance product competitiveness, and consistently provide solutions that meet market demands.


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