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03 Nov, 2023, Company News

Market Research Report on Laser Processing Equipment Industry in 2023

Market Research Report on Laser Processing Equipment Industry in 2023

According to market research data, the global market size of laser processing equipment has increased from $15.64 billion in 2016 to $23.82 billion in 2021, experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 8.8%. The key factors driving the laser processing equipment market include sustainability, efficiency, energy saving, high precision, and versatility.

The manufacturing industry is the primary customer in the laser processing equipment market, encompassing sectors such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, energy, and consumer goods. As industries like aerospace, semiconductors, and medical continue to demand higher precision and efficiency, the demand and market size for laser processing equipment will continue to grow.

The laser processing equipment market is highly concentrated, with major manufacturers such as Trumpf from Germany, Coherent from the United States, Amada from Japan, and Hankook Electric. These companies possess strong brand recognition and technological advantages in the laser processing equipment market, holding significant market shares.

The Chinese market for laser processing equipment is currently experiencing steady growth, driven by increasing demand in industries such as automotive, home appliances, machinery, electronics, semiconductors, aerospace, and medical. In recent years, as China's manufacturing industry has rapidly developed, domestic manufacturers of laser processing equipment, such as Beidou 3D, Raycus Laser, GTC Laser, Shandong Heli Laser, and others, have emerged. Additionally, national policies and support have been strengthening, further accelerating the growth and development of the laser technology industry.

The future trends in the laser processing equipment market include:

  1. Emphasis on multifunctionality and automation: Laser processing equipment will increasingly incorporate multifunctionality and automation features. This will significantly enhance the production efficiency of laser processing equipment by reducing the time and cost associated with traditional mechanical processing.
  2. Integration of laser processing technology and digitization: The integration of laser processing technology with digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data will be accelerated. This integration will enhance the intelligence of products and production technology.
  3. Focus on personalization and small-batch production: With increasingly diverse consumer demands and rapidly changing market conditions, companies need to respond quickly. Therefore, laser processing equipment should be able to meet the requirements of small-batch production and customization.

In conclusion, the laser processing equipment market offers significant prospects with continuous growth in market demand and size. The industry will be focused on innovation, technology advancements, and intelligent development. Furthermore, more domestic enterprises will enter the laser processing equipment market, providing better equipment support for the intelligent upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.


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