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31 Mar, 2023, Company News

2022 OFweek Innovation Award for Solid State and Ultra Fast Laser Technology

2022 OFweek Innovation Award for Solid State and Ultra Fast Laser Technology

On November 14, 2022, the annual OFweek laser industry selection and award ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen. Bellin Laser won the "2022 OFweek Solid State/Ultra Fast Laser Technology Innovation Award in Laser Industry" for its deep ultraviolet picosecond laser (Amber DUV-05) in this selection!

Through this selection, Bellin Laser showcased our innovative capabilities and technical features. Moving forward, the company remains dedicated to innovation with a market-oriented approach as the foundation of our technology, consistently developing new products while providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

Deep Ultraviolet Picosecond Laser (Amber DUV-05)

Product Description
Our 266nm picosecond solid-state laser light source emits deep UV light with a long output wavelength, high photon energy density, and narrow pulse width. This technology can be applied in various fields, including semiconductor wafer surface detection, LED laser peeling, and micromachining applications. Our laser offers unique technical advantages over competitors for semiconductor wafer surface inspection, LED peeling, and micromachining processes.
Product Advantages
To ensure stable operation of the system in the long term, we recommend adopting a picosecond optical fiber seed source with a lifespan of over 40,000 hours.

The amplifier uses a high-gain solid-state amplifier to effectively counteract nonlinear effects during amplification, resulting in high power and pulse energy output.
Adopt a customized quadruple frequency module to achieve >5W 266nm deep ultraviolet laser output; special crystal protection measures extend its service life.

OFweek, an industry portal, will host the "2022 OFweek Laser Industry Annual Selection" event with the objective of recognizing outstanding products, technologies, enterprises, and individuals that have made significant contributions to the laser industry. The event aims to encourage more enterprises to invest in technological innovation, deliver more innovative products and cutting-edge technologies to the industry, increase productivity and economic efficiency, and offer greater user convenience. This is all part of furthering the healthy growth of this sector of the industry.


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