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31 Mar, 2023, Company News

2022 Ultrafast Laser Innovation Award

2022 Ultrafast Laser Innovation Award

On December 18th, the fifth annual SECRET LIGHT AWARDS ceremony was successfully held in Shenzhen. Beilin Laser was awarded the "2022 Ultra Fast Laser Innovation Award" in recognition of its femtosecond UV 30W laser!

Femtosecond UV 30W laser (Axinite UV-30)

Product Description

Axilite UV-30 employs a fiber solid-state hybrid amplifier which, when coupled with a highly stable fiber seed source, produces high-power femtosecond laser output. The seed laser is amplified by a high-gain amplifier to produce infrared output, which is then converted to ultraviolet output through frequency doubling and summing via a frequency doubled/summing module, resulting in increased UV laser power of 30W@800kHz and a pulse width below 500fs.

Product characteristics

High power femtosecond laser output
The laser system employs a hybrid amplifier consisting of both high gain fiber and solid state components to achieve a high-power femtosecond output exceeding 100W. Additionally, an infrared laser generates an output of over 30W in the form of a femtosecond ultraviolet laser, using frequency doubling and summing modules. By utilizing a hybrid amplifier with high gain, the laser system is able to produce a high-power femtosecond laser output that exceeds 100W, while also generating an ultraviolet laser output of over 30W through the use of frequency doubling and summing modules.

Pulse energy and laser power stabilization

We use SESAM passive mode locking technology in our Laser Seed Source, which has a long lifetime of over 40,000 hours thanks to SESAM switching technology. To ensure an increased power output, stability, and quality pulsed laser output, we also employ a high gain solid state amplifier to overcome nonlinear effects during the amplification process.

Excellent light output quality and long service life
By employing proprietary frequency doubling and summing modules with walkaway compensation technology, high beam quality UV light output is achieved, boasting an infrared to UV conversion efficiency of more than 40%. Furthermore, crystal protection measures must be adopted in order to extend its service life and ensure optimal third harmonic crystal performance.

Powerful control system
Our laser systems have a powerful control system that enables long-term operation and includes multiple control functions. We also provide strong guarantees for customer use on-site.

The "SECRET LIGHT AWARDS" is an annual selection activity for the China Laser Industry Innovation Contribution Award. It is sponsored by the Organizing Committee and Laser Manufacturing Network and co-organized by multiple laser industry associations, societies, alliances, and media in China. Since 2018, the event has discovered and selected over 150 innovative and leading laser products, technologies, and achievements, making it a significant marker for technology competition and driving the growth of China's laser industry forward.


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